Çağlayan Sera Plastic Ltd. Ltd.the foundations of the 1960 year was laid by the late Mehmet çağlayan.In 1971,as the leading supplier company in the greenhouse sector, greenhouse iron, greenhouse materials and şişecam factory's greenhouse glass dealership was maintained under the name ÇAĞLAYAN greenhouse for many years.
Together with the investment in the production of carrying cases in the plastics industry in 2006, with the search for a changing market, CSP ÇAĞLAYAN has started its operations as a sera plastic brand.
In the face of the needs of the technology age, we continue our efforts with our ‘Plastic case manufacturing ‘ integrated with our factory in Antalya organized Industrial Zone, where we started operating in 2008, without compromising service and quality, without forgetting how important it is for us to satisfy the customer, and by improving ourselves with each passing day.
We believe that quality products,fast and reliable delivery is the right of all our farmers. Çağlayan sera plastic family work for this.
From our innovative point of view ,without compromising on quality and reliable service, to serve as the leading company in customer satisfaction .

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Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 1. Kısım 1. Cadde No:5 Döşemealtı Antalya
0242 258 04 40